Jeremy Is Selling Stuff

I’m inspired to sell a few things.  Check it out!  Interested?  Let me know and I’ll tell you a price.


Alter Bridge – Fortress
Black Flag – Damaged (Mr. Conner)
Alter Bridge – Blackbird
Megadeth – Th1rt3en (Mr. Ferrell)
Megadeth – Endgame (Mr. Ferrell)
Megadeth – Youthanasia (Mr. Ferrell)
Napalm Death – Utilitarian (Mr. Conner)
Trap Them – Darker Handcraft (Mr. Gump)
Trap Them – Seizures in Barren Paradise (Mr. Gump)
Trap Them – Seance Prime (Mr. Gump)
Trap Them – Sleepwell Deconstructor (Mr. Gump)


Dropdead – Discography
Direct Control – Bucktown Hardcore
Boston Strangler – Primitive


Deaf Mutations – Crash the Clubs
Urban Unrest – On a String
Growing Stronger – Toxic Fumes
Direct Control – Nuclear Tomorrow
Peace – s/t
Bad Advice – Do Not Resuscitate 
Bastard – Controled [sic] in the Frame


Naysayer – demo

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